The science involved in the Orgasm shot is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Researchers have been looking at blood as a healing mechanism for over 20 years. They have discovered that the same growth factors involved in stimulating wound healing when an injury is sustained also leads to increased orgasmic activity. It can also lead to a cure  of urinary incontinence for women.

Orgasm Shot for Women

The O shot, or better known as orgasm shot, leads to a woman having a much stronger orgasm (results are better if the woman has had orgasms in the past). It is important to note that Your Best Sex treats both the clitoris and vagina.

Priapus Shot for Men

Priapus, or better known as P shot for the penis, leads to increased sensation and pleasure. Men will see a straightening of the penis and increase in girth and length.

Enjoy Better Orgasms and No More Sexless Marriage!

Obviously, the Priapus and Orgasm shot cannot fix a damaged relationship or a broken heart.  However, Your Best Sex knows that in a psychologically healthy relationship it can lead to a better loving and sexual relationship.

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