Improve Sexual Performance

More than 30 million males are affected by erectile dysfunction, and millions more would like to improve sexual performance. Your Best Sex offers a variety of services to help men with different sex health issues

Priapus – P shot for men

Priapus, or better known as P shot for the penis, leads to increased sensation and pleasure. Men will see a straightening of the penis and increase in girth and length.

No More Sexless Marriage

Obviously, the Priapus and Orgasm shot cannot fix a damaged relationship or a broken heart.  However, in a psychologically healthy relationship it can lead to a better loving and sexual relationship.

How the Priapus Shot can Help

  • Following treatment with Priapus, the penis is instantly straighter and bigger.
  • Enhanced flow of blood to the penis throughout arousal produces stiffer erections.
  • Increases libido, penile pleasure and sensation.
  • Corrects reduced penile pleasure, due to damage from diabetes mellitus.
  • Tissue failure (necrosis) and allergic reactions are avoided.
  • Nodules are avoided, along with lumpiness.
  • Benefits last for a minimum of eighteen months, and can last forever.
  • Real new tissue growth, instead of botox or fillers.
  • Treatment involves the minimum of discomfort and pain.

The Priapus Shot in Focus

The Priapus Shot, sometimes referred to as the P Shot or M Shot, uses the body’s natural growth mechanisms in different regions, to facilitate stem cell regeneration and growth. The PRP and growth mechanisms are taken out of the patient’s blood stream to make sure that no negative responses or allergic reactions occur. In a healthy physiological condition, the treated regions are not given concentrated growth hormones.

Therefore, when treated with concentrated PRP, they react to the greater stimulation by developing more tissue. Also, this new tissue is supplied with correct blood flow, via neovascularization (the creation of healthy blood vessels). In addition, nerve functionality is enhanced, which ensures that the patient enjoys better sensation. Due to its’ impact on the skin, tissue, blood vessels and nerves, the Priapus Shot leads to a broader, longer penis, which can experience more pleasure and sustain stiffer erections.

Who Qualifies for Priapus Shots?

Anyone wanting to create extra width, length or feelings in their penis qualifies for this treatment. Especially men who have reduced sensation in their penis, because of nerve damage or circulatory problems arising from conditions like diabetes. Undoubtedly, these people will benefit from the  treatment significantly. Moreover, anyone who has experienced performance problems with their erectile tissue, who has been unable to maintain an erection, or who has noticed a reduction in the rigidity of their erections can benefit. This treatment can be helpful to people who want to straighten curves or bends in their penis as well.

The Procedure for Priapus
  • Blood is taken from the arm (similar to the way blood tests are conducted).
  • This blood is placed in a centrifuge, then spun to facilitate the extraction of PRP — filled with growth mechanisms.
  • Next, the solution of PRP is mixed with extra natural components, to facilitate the body’s regenerative capabilities.
  • The penis is applied with a lidocaine lotion.
  • The solution of PRP is injected into particular parts of the penis with a small needle, in a manner that spreads the growth mechanisms correctly.